Meyers Music and Meditation

In a world where sadness and sorrow are the daily companions of many; where competition has taken the place of compassion, and power the place of peace.  In a world where courage gives way to fear and greed is blind to need, we must continue to believe; to hope that someday there will be a new tomorrow, that we will see the dawn of a new day in which the rights of all are respected and the potential of all encouraged … a new world … someday … soon

“Someday,” has been written as a reminder of who we are and how much we share in common … good times and not so good; times of joy, sorrow … pleasure, pain … and all the other experiences we go through. Ours is a journey together on an amazing adventure called life. “Someday” reminds us that we are never alone and never will be. It encourages us to go deeper … see further … to awaken to the possibilities of a better today and an even grander tomorrow. It looks forward to a future not only hoped for but one that could become a reality … a new world … someday … soon.

Image of the front and back cover of the book, "Someday".

"Someday" - The book Covers

Photo of Daryl Meyers in a winter coat and hat.

Daryl L. Meyers

About the Author/Musician

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Daryl attended college at Southern Adventist University near Chattanooga, Tennessee. He later graduated with master’s and doctorate degrees from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. He also studied abroad at a private college in England, where he met a young lady from Sweden whom he later married.

Their greatest joy is their family, two sons, a daughter-in-law, and two grandsons. They also enjoy outdoor activities especially race walking and power walking.

Besides his college and university studies, Mr. Meyers has had experience in writing, music, and speaking, which he has continued to develop over the years. He has shared his love of music in the U.S., Europe, and Africa.

While abroad, he also had opportunities to write articles for national magazines in both England and the U.S., including interviews with former President of Liberia, William R. Tolbert, and Shirley Temple Black, former U.S. Ambassador to Ghana.

Mr. Meyers has also been involved in health care for many years, supporting patients and their families as hospital chaplain and community relations director. He also served the City of Brighton for 10 years as a councilman.

Through his music and writing, Mr. Meyers’s desire is to support and encourage people across all backgrounds to make decisions that will bring meaning and joy to their journey on this adventure we all share together called life.


The following essays address many of the issues and challenges common to us all and are not so much a guide to be followed as they are a reflection of the author’s personal journey as well as much he still has to learn. They were written over a period of many years under different circumstances with no particular theological or cultural perspective in mind and are meant to support people everywhere of all backgrounds. Though expressed in different ways, the reader will find certain themes emphasized or repeated such as the importance of time apart (becoming more centered) and the close relationship there is, and the interdependence that exists throughout all creation...

Daryl is available to share his wisdom and experiences with you and your audience of any age.  

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